The Problem
The Solution
The Problem
Ash, soot and particulate build-up problems have always been associated with boilers. So have flow related problems like arching, bridging, tunneling and ratholing with process industries the world over. While industry has been tackling this particular problem for the last fifty years with soot blowers in boilers and other 'flow promoting' devices such as air blasters, bin activators, hammers, liners etc. these fall short in providing a balanced solution from the viewpoint of investment, performance, effectiveness, operation as well as maintenance convenience and costs.
The Solution
The Nirafon Acoustic Cleaning Systems which have been operating in hundreds of plants around the world for over two decades have a different story to offer. Nirafon Acoustic Cleaning prevents materials such as ash and soot particles from adhering to the surface of the equipment and also removes powder-like depositions from undesired places in process industries by directing a pressure shock on the deposits, removing the particles from the surface.The Nirafon Acoustic Cleaning Systems keep boilers, channels, heat exchangers, silos, cyclones, hoppers, bag filters, ESPs and fans clean and enables the processes to continue without interruption ... at costs which are at times 10% of those incurred by using traditional cleaning systems.
While Acoustic Cleaning as a technology has found its place under the sun, it is important to realize that the success of an Acoustic Cleaning System depends upon
A detailed analysis of the application area
Correct selection of the material and type of horns to be used
Proper positioning and installation
Frequency and optimum sounding pattern
While the mechanical functioning of the hardware components within the system is important it is the 'softer' side of this technology which makes it work - which is why it is critical for the end user to choose a partner who has an understanding of its processes and equipment and the necessary proven experience with similar applications, backed by its ability to provide installation services and after-sales field support.
With the introduction of the Nirafon Gas Pulse Cleaner, the benefits of Acoustic Cleaning are now extended for the first time to the high temperature zones of boilers where flue gas temperatures are of the order of I400°C.
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